Team Building Tips: Provide the Context

5. Ensure that you give the member of your team who is contacting prospective team building partners all required information.

This may seem simple enough but it is amazing how often this information is unavailable:

  • Clarify if you are looking for team building or a recreational outing for yout team (team recreation)
  • Desired Length of Session
  • Preferred Dates – have 2 or 3 options
  • Approximate budget per person and what this budget is to include (i.e. is it to cover facilitation and activities or are you also expecting the budget to include venue, AV, refreshments and transportation)
  • Team building you have had in the past and how it was received by the group
  • Basic demographics especially level of physical fitness
  • Approximate date by which a decision will be made

This basic information will go a long way and be of great assistance in helping you receive a timely and accurate quote for teambuilding.


For more tips to help you set the context and prepare for quotes, check out our:


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