Team Building Tips: Set A Realistic Budget

Team Building Tips: Set a Realistic Budget

3. Make sure that you HAVE a budget and that you set a budget that’s realistic.

It’s hard to know where to begin on this one. I’ve seen it all. There is no greater time waster than someone calling a number of companies for a quote if the person who has aked you to make the calls has not provided clear information about objectives or the budget. When you haven’t a clue about budget, it’s really a waste of your time and the company’s that are providing the quote. Then, after 2, 3 or more team building companies spend the time to pull together proposals, it is finally revealed to you, the person tasked with requesting the proposals, that the budget is only $50 or $25 per person. Even $100 a person is far from enough if you have a small group of 10 – 15 people.

So press for a budget and try not to begin calling around until you are clear about your objectives and what your company is prepared to spend.

Remember that for small groups, the per person rate will ALWAYS be a lot higher than for big groups.

I guess we can start by discussing what’s realistic. The answer is “it depends”. It get back to one of my earlier posts. What are you looking for?

Team Building

If you are looking for a combination of facilitated team challenges and facilitated business exercises so that your team will return to work with new strategies to improve the business, then we’re talking about team building.

One Day Team Building Sessions

These can be a combination of a simulation with debriefing and business application exercises or a combination of facilitated team recreational challenges, with debriefing and facilitation exercises. Without factoring venue or refreshments, you can expect to pay anywhere between $275 and $330 a person for a team of 25.

Team Building and Executive Retreats

If you’re looking for an event that involves a stay at an off-site location for 2 or 3 nights, a package bundling facilitated team recreational challenges and facilitated business exercises will cost you a minimum of $550 – $660 a person with the higher figure being for a retreat that include business facilitatation and facilitated outdoor activies and team challenges. To that, accommodation, meals, evening entertainment, and transportation would have to be added.

You can always find providers who will come in lower or higher than the ballpark figures I have given for moderate and luxury options.

In our next post, we’ll focus on low moderate and high budget options for team recreation.

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