Are some hotels misleading business clients by marketing entertainment and recreation as “team building”?

Why are hotels misleading  business clients by marketing strictly recreational activities as “team building”?

I know that all organizations are looking for additional streams of revenue. These are tough times and the hotel industry has been particularly hard hit.   However, isn’t it misleading to market recreational programmes and entertainment as “team building”?

Here is the link to  and some excerpts from an article that I stumbled across. I has has inspired me to post about something that has puzzled me for a while now.

Innovation in hotel teambuilding events (The article has since been deleted but I still have the quotes.

“Research commissioned by Hilton Sydney shows that Australians believe interactive entertainment leads to more productive team meetings by improving strategic thinking, creativity and problem solving.”

Let’s pause right there, how can “entertainment” improve strategic thinking, creativity and problem solving. Isn’t this a case of overpromising?

“Responding to this study, Hilton Sydney has partnered with Microsoft and Xbox 360 to create Play@Hilton, a new complimentary gaming area available to all Hilton meeting delegates,” said Charlotte Seymour, Regional PR Manager, Hilton Hotels – Australasia

Since its introduction in May 2008, Play@Hilton can be selected as either a dedicated gaming room, complete with food and beverages, or as individual mobile units for use in the Hilton Meeting Centre common break areas throughout the duration of the meeting.

Play@Hilton supports the concept that team building can – and should – be fun.”

While I this sounds like fun and a fantastic breaktime activity for a group that I would use it for groups in a heartbeat, why is it being passed off as “team building”?
I agree that fun is an important component of team building but isn’t trying to pass off playing with XBox as “team building” kind of pushing it?

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