Corporate Event Planning: Cool Places to Beat the Heat

Corporate Event Planning: Cool Places to Beat the Heat All Year Long

With a little bit of imagination and the right technology, places where temperatures soar throughout the year are designing new approaches to keeping residents and visitors cool. There are cool places in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and Florida where you can beat the heat all year long.


  • Snow City


Not only does Malaysia have ice hockey teams, but they also have a couple of places where one can get a fairly realistic picture of winter.

Kuala Lumpur

  • Mines Wonderland at the Ice Factory
  • Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink

Genting Highlands

  • Snow House

During the summer months, you don’t have to wait to go to a snow house to be cool and comfortable in Malaysia. The highland areas offer interesting activities and excursions that will your team can enjoy and still keep their cool:


Snova in Yokahama in the Summer


  • SKi Dubai
  • Ice Skating Rinks

United Kingdom

Look out! You never know when snow will come your way. It happened in Jordan and Oman in 2008.



In Arabic

You don’t have to wait for a freak storm to happen in Oman to keep your cool during the summer months. Take your team to Salalah for a retreat or incentive trip duirng Al Khareef season.


You can even make it snow in Florida:

It can Snow ANYWHERE!

In fact, the technology is now available to make it snow anywhere.

Take a peek at this video.

Now that would make an interesting team building project. Teams could create a snow event for charity or for children from low income areas in city that never has snow. A range of skills such as project management, logistics planning and problem-solving could be practiced through such a challenge. Sounds like a perfect project for Donald Trump to give the teams on the Apprentice or for your to give a team near you.

BONUS: Typical winter activities, without snow or frost-bite.


The Jamaica Bobsled team has been competing in the Olympics. The Jamaica Dogsled Team has been mushing in Canada, Minnesota and Alaska. It was only a matter of time before these activities were brought back to Jamaica for locals and tourists to enjoy. Now these activities can be incorporated into team buiding sessions.

Dogsledding – Jamaican Style

Bobsledding – Jamaican Style

Error Kerr, a Jamaican Skier, competed in ski cross at the Vancouver 2010 as the only member of the Jamaica Ski Team.

With snow machines and a couple of lessons from the folks in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, and Florida, we may yet live to see ice skating rinks and ski slopes in Jamaica. Now that would be a concept for activities to add to team building or a corporate event with a winter theme… Jamaica.

Let Executive Oasis International Give Your Team a Winter Team Building Experience

For more information about winter team building and a simulation into which you could incorporate a project to create a winter wonderland in an unexpected place, please contact Executive Oasis International:

This material was originally a part of our Winter Team Building entry. We’ve added videos and it was getting long so we’ve split this section off as a separate blog entry.


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