Luxury Desert Team Building in Dubai

Luxury Desert Team Building in Dubai

Luxury Bedouin Camp

I have previously done a full blog entry about team building in Dubai. I just got back so I thought I would take some time to report about what’s new. You’ll find photos and videos from my company’s most recent team building retreat in Dubai.

New for Desert Team Building Safaris

Of course no desert safari in Dubai would be complete without dune bashing but this time, we tried something new. Instead of the standard dune bashing, teams competed to find the mystery location for time machines (dune buggies really) to fit the theme of the retreat.

At night, after enjoying a sunset picnic on the dunes, we travelled across the sand dunes to a truly mesmerizing setting, an enchanting luxury Bedouin camp where Sheikhs take their guests. It was quite the adventure (long) but we were not disappointed. The whole place was beautifully lit up and, in the distance, it looked like a large village because of the way in which the lights had been strategically placed. We had arranged for the wives and children of the group to have their own adventure with dune bashing and a picnic on the dunes at sunset. They were waiting for us at the camp and they joined us there for a 5 star gourmet dinner before they head back to the hotel. We camped out overnight.

Luxury Bedouin Camp

A picture is worth 1000 words so here in pictures is the new camp we use for luxury desert team building and galas.




Sandboarding Relays


Tent Pitching Challenge

This is not a new challenge for us but, this time, we had the groups compete in teams to pitch Bedouin tents.


Dune Buggy Fun



5 Star Gourmet Dining in the Desert


Cooking Team Building Challenge

Executive Oasis International regularly organizes luxury desert team building retreats in Dubai. With the strong Canadian dollar, there never has been a better time for Canadian companies to plan team building retreats in Dubai.

Now that you have sampled our innovative team building approaches through this blog, we hope that you will keep Executive Oasis International in mind the next time your company requires team building, an executive retreat or on-site consulting to boost the effectiveness of your teams.

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6 thoughts on “Luxury Desert Team Building in Dubai

  1. Alberto says:

    Hi Anne

    I am impressed about your destination knowledge of Dubai & Abu Dhabi! As you can see in me profile I’m living in Dubai since over 6 years and since 2009 Director of Groups & Events at Burj Al Arab. Trust me when I tell you that not many expats (except me) can keep up with you 🙂


  2. Alex Limon says:

    Really awesome!! Congrats! Recently I been in there and enjoy the ride!! amazing!! 😀

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