Team Building: Tailoring Business Simulations

Team Building: Tailoring Simulations for Your Business

Team building that isn’t customized for your business is likely to end up being just another entertaining corporate event. There is a place for corporate events but social activities are never a replacement for reall team building. Companies can improve the impact of team building with relevant, customized projects.

  • Pharmaceutical:In some jurisdictions, pharmacies sell only medication and detail professionals work through agents. Boil the job down to its essence, coaching. Assign a project that involves coaching a local business person.
  • Sales: Design a team competition that involves selling.
  • Magazines and Newspapers: Media outlets are transforming their business model to compete in the Internet age. Teams can work with designers to create on-line versions of publications or boost their social media presence.
  • Oil Companies: Give participants insight into the core business through a GPS competition to find components, assemble an oil rig, and pump oil.
  • Wireless Communications: Assign each team the task of designing and marketing a one day promotion for a dealer to increase sales, year over year.
  • Charity Events: Use local or foreign philanthropic projects as the basis of a team building simulation.
  • TV Commercials: Teams can compete to create TV commercials or newspaper ads for your business.

Whether team building is delivered on-site or at a luxury hotel, a customized project will ensure that you aren’t just delivering a social event.   Targeted, relevant and expertly facilitated debriefing and business application exercises will improve effectiveness.

2 thoughts on “Team Building: Tailoring Business Simulations

  1. David Moore says:

    Team building will really help to develop the company member and to strengthen camaraderie in the team. This is a great post!

    David Moore

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