LinkedIn Groups: International Business Team Building Network for Executives

It’s no secret that a lot of companies simply aren’t getting a lot of bang for their team building buck.  I’ve previously blogged about top 10 team building pitfalls but by far the most common are:

  • Confusing team recreation with team building
  • Trying to cram team building into such a short timeframe that it has to be diluted and “dumbed down” to the point that it is meaningless.
  • executives abdicating the responsibility for driving team building initiatives and delegating it to inexperienced team members

To help executives have instant access to information to create effective team building, the International Business Team Building Network for Executives was formed on LinkedIn almost 3 years ago. It’s a growing network of over 225 executives from 30 countries on just about every continent. More are welcome

Some of the topics under exploration have included:

  • Innovation Lessons from Steve Jobs
  • Can Team Building Improve Engagement and the Bottom Line
  • Competitive Alliances: Lessons from the Canadian Hockey Arena
  • Innovation Lessons from Tim Hortons – A Canadian Institution
  • Meeting, Team Building & Event Design: Integrity vs Flexibility
  • Team Building in Dubai

There is also other discussions of interest to executives including :

  • Executive Social Media Primer
  • Strategic Sales for Executives
  • Strategic Marketing for Executives

While membership is restricted primarily to CEOs, Vice-Presidents and other executives, the group does accept a handful of team building facilitators and consultants.

The stipulation is that they agree to contribute meaningful content that is of interest to senior executives. Care is taken to find contributers from around the world. From time to time, spaces open up if some consultants find that they just can’t contribute regularly.

So, if you are an executive or a team building consultant with meaningful content and the time to contribute it regularly, apply for membership today. You’re likely to pick up a number of strategies to take your team building initiatives to the next level.

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