10 Team Building Trends for 2013

Team Building Trends – What’s Ahead for 2013

As companies formulate their plans for 2013, the good news is that team building is re-appearing on the corporate agenda. (In some cases, team building initiatives were placed in a holding pattern after the Wall Street meltdown in September, 2008.) What lies ahead? Savvy CEOs realize that team building can be a powerful arrow in their quiver as they attempt to hit key corporate targets and corporate objectives.

Team Building Benefits

Some of the benefits of expertly facilitated team building include:

  • Communicating changes in strategic direction, rolling out new initiatives and winning team support.
  • Brainstorming ideas for new products, services, target markets, and sources of revenue.
  • An opportunity to bring the team together and generate solutions to business challenges.
  • Breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional teamwork.
  • Removing bottlenecks.
  • Resolving conflicts.

Team Building Trends to be Embraced

To realize these benefits, companies should examine the following team building trends and consider incorporating them into their plans for 2013.

5. Team Building Incorporating Outdoor Activities to Inspire Out of the Box Thinking

6. Technology driven team building to challenge technical teams.

Team Building Trends That Need to Be Reversed

Unfortunately, not all team building trends have been positive. Companies need to take immediate steps to reverse the following trends that have been undermining the effectiveness of team building in recent years.

By eliminating negative trends and focusing on trends that use innovative approaches to address bottom line issues, companies can get a lot more bang for their team building buck in 2013.

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