Even More Really Stupid Ideas for Team Building

It’s just over a year since we looked at stupid team building. I saw a tweet  that inspired me to write this. It read:

“This sounds like the best team building activity EVER…. Blindfold Land Rover Driving!”

I clicked on the link with great anticipation and this is what I found:

Blindfolded Driving Land Rover

I immediately realized that this activity should definitely be added to my stupid  team building list. I am definitely not seeing the benefits of this and I don’t know how any company can cost justify spending money on this. I suppose a cost effective option would be to do this using bicycles but it would not make the idea any less ridiculous and it certainly would not transform it into real “team building”.

So I started brainstorming to come up with even more really stupid ideas for team building and I thought “How about….”

Blindfolded Show Jumping

Just for fun I did a Youtube search and here is what I came up with. I guess if you can imagine something, there is someone out there who has been stupid enough to try it. The blindfolded footage is in in part 2.

Let’s see how long it takes before this is marketed as team building.

Let’s see how long it takes before this is marketed as team building.

Running on Water

Then I remembered stumbling across this video of shoes for walking on water. Now frankly, from the video, it doesn’t look like they really work but let’s see how long it takes for someone to go to market with this as a team building option. My only question is “Why?”.

Man, are people really that bored?

Gymnastics on a Cliff

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I stumbled across this really stupid idea. This is just plain crazy. Be sure to watch it until the very end. It doesn’t end well. I hope no one is stupid enough to try this for team building.

Base Jumping Re-visited

In case anyone STILL thinks base jumping would be cool to try for corporate team building, take a look at this. His parachute never opened….and he was a professional.


For more stupid ideas for team building also check out

Photo Credit: louiscrusoe (Flickr)

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8 thoughts on “Even More Really Stupid Ideas for Team Building

  1. Anne Thornley-Brown, M.B.A. @executiveoasis says:

    Well we are all entitled to our opinions James. On this one, I will have to just agree to disagree with you….strongly.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that this is one of the programmes that your company offers. If this is the case, your comments can hardly be considered to be objective and impartial. Also, it is somewhat dishonest for you to identify yourself as a “participant” in the programme when you are in fact one of the vendors.

  2. James Coakes says:

    Having done the blindfold driving experience many times I disagree with your assessment, Anne. The participants in the video are talking about how it feels to be blindfolded and to put your trust in others. Great teams have very high levels of trust, so anything that helps people to investigate and discuss issues around it can be powerfully team building. Because the activity has a (perceived) level of danger it can be really effective.

    Another way in which blindfold driving can be facilitated is communication. The team has to give instructions to the driver who has to carry them out without being able to confirm them with sight. Some find it hard to let go and question the instructions because they are following the course in their mind’s eye. Often the whole team will be shouting instructions, so clarity is lost. You can lead this to a discussion of what is said versus what is heard and just because you think something has been said doesn’t mean it was understood.

    There are many other facilitation points that can be drawn out of this activity.

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