Team Building: Saying Thank You Doesn’t Always Take Much

Team Building: Saying Thank You Doesn’t Always Take Much

This will the shortest blog post I’ve ever written.

I stumbled across the following Dempster’s Healthy Way®  Bread commercial on YouTube. In fact, at first I didn’t realize it was a commercial for bread. I thought that a company had created it to show appreciation for their top performers. Turns out, Dempster’s found people that companies wanted to thank and brought them “feel good” surprises. What a cool way to say thank you.

It got me thinking. Employee appreciation and recognition, doesn’t always involve spending a lot of money. The impromptu element of surprise can perk up someone’s day and let them know that you appreciate the extra effort they’ve been putting forth.

Of course a surprise mini-party with flash mob would not be appropriate for everyone. Some people are shy and they feel uncomfortable when they’re centred out. They would prefer a small gift given to them privately in your office , afternoon tea,  spa treatments, or a couple of tickets to a sporting event. The key is to know each team member and customize the experience based on their interests and personality.

Appreciation and recognition are not about “one size fits all”.

As for me, when I was a full-time employee,  I would have been thrilled to bits if a company I worked for had done this for me. Posting it on YouTube would have been perfectly cool too.

Anyway, even if you’re the shy type, I hope that you still find it as inspiring as I did.

Photo Credit: quinn.anya

  • What do you think of this approach to employee appreciation?
  • What can you do to make somebody feel great today?

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