Fallback Friday for Fine-Tuning Team Performance #teamfallbackfriday

8 Months ago  Dr. Scott Simmerman @scottsimmerman, founder of Performance Management Company, issued a Spring Forward Monday challenge #SpringForward.

I raise him and propose Fallback Friday #teamfallbackfriday.

As you know, clocks will be set back in many time zones this weekend. We are well into 4th quarter and it’s an ideal time for corporate teams to sit down, evaluate results achieved so far this year and generate strategies to fall back in line if results are not tracking on target.

How will can this happen? Every manager should send an email blast to the team and ask them to set aside a couple of hours for an impromptu planning meeting on Friday afternoon. A 1:00 start is ideal. Bring in some tasty treats to get the creative juices flowing. Ask everyone to bring their preferred libation….coffee, tea, pop or water. A box of Hallwe’een themed pastries should get the creative juices flowing (and of course have a small fruit platter handy for the health conscious). Provide scented markets, flip charts, and brightly coloured paper and post-it notes.

  1. Give a very short presentation highlighting:
    • team and corporate results for Q3
    • team results (so far for Q4).
  2. Identify any shortfalls. Break the group into trios and provide an opportunity for brainstorming solutions.
  3. Ask each trio to briefly present its solutions.
  4. Come up with a plan and clearly identify tasks, who is prime for each task, and target completion dates.
  5. If possible, announce an incentive such as a 1st quarter team outing if the team and company achieve results.
  6. If it is feasible within your operation, send everyone home early to spend Halloween with their families and get plenty of rest so that they can return on Monday refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the rest of the quarter.
  7. Send a written summary of your plan of action early next week.

So this Friday, fall back and reap the benefits in terms of team performance.

If you take up this challenge, please post your comments and share what happened.


Scott Simmermann accepted my challenge and issued a new one.

Ah, the good old days. And the winter of despair is approaching!

Here is a Square Wheels Springing Forward and Stepping Back LEGO haiku.

— Let’s see you put a Fallback Friday illustrated haiku together.

Scott Simmerman, Ph.D.

Challenge accepted.


Fallback at the Oasis

oasis calm green

fallback, re-charge, gaze ahead

forward energized


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