Bad Team Building Photo and Video Contest Launched #baaadteambuilding


Have you ever attended what was supposed to be team building and found that yourself instead participating in some silly activity while work was piling up on your desk?

Dr. Scott Simmermann of Performance Management Company and I are launching a contest to give you a chance to tell the world about it. Any other team building bloggers who want to join in are welcome. Just holler let me know where you have posted and I will add you to this blog post with a link to your blog.

Here are the rules.

  1. Tweet about a really baaad team building experience in which you participated, the sillier the better. Please don’t name the company.(You can also just use your imagination and come up with the most ridiculous idea for team building you can dream up. Chances are someone, somewhere is doing it.)
  2. Include a photo or video with your tweet.
  3. Use the #baaadteambuilding hashtag – we want to make it go viral.
  4. If you have space, also include the #teambuilding hashtag.
  5. Re-tweet your favourites.

The Prize: All of the participating bloggers will select the funniest responses, split them up and feature them on our blogs. We’ll include your photo, your idea and a link to your website or blog.

There’s no deadline to this contest. As soon as we have enough good….I mean baaad ideas, we’ll post them on one of the participating blogs.

Here is an example of the types of crazy ideas that will be sure to get one of the winning spots:

Cat Herding

Human Show Jumping

Let’s expose some #baaadteambuilding and have fun doing it. Let’s make #baaadteambuilding go viral.

Disclaimer: These videos are for fun and not intended to serve as examples of real team building. Here is What “Real” Team Building Looks Like.

How #baaadteambuilding was Born

Ever wonder how crazy hashtags get born? I can’t take total credit for #baaadteambuilding.

It started when I stumbled across an article where I was quoted on Huffington Post. The article, Corporate Team-Building Events: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly *,  quoted from a post I had written on Huffington Post called Is Corporate Team Building A Waste Of Time.

The 10 Weird & Wonderful Team Building Events photo gallery had a photo of men dressed up in sheepskins with tails hanging out and the title Human Sheep Herding:

Of course wandering around wearing a blindfold and a fake sheepskin on your back is going to improve office morale and company productivity…..
The shepherd’s task is to herd the blindfolded sheep into the pen using our special communication system. Instead of words, the shepherd must communicate using only sounds


I couldn’t believe it. A serious student of foolishness and folly, especially when it is bears the label “team building”, I tweeted the posted the photo and posted the photo and a comment on my LinkedIn status update.

The responses came quickly. I particularly liked my friend Peter O’Donnell’s comment:

“Baaaaaaad Idea!”


Dr. Scott Simmerman, who also has a finely tuned radar for frivolity in team building, suggested:

Come up with a twitter hashtag, something short, explanatory and catchy and then start up a new thread in one of the groups.


I responded it had to be #baaadteambuilding as a tribute to the origin of the idea and thought hey, let’s have a contest.

That’s how #baaadteambuilding was born!

* = Not to be confused with Corporate Team-Building Activities: The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly in U.S. News & World Report – Yes I was Quoted there too.

Photo Credit: Dave McLean

We wouldn’t do the title justify if we didn’t end with sheep….

If you’ve ever been there. If you’ve ever want to be outta there, don’t be baaashful…..tweet examples of #baaadteambuilding

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