6 Ways to Stop Undermining Team Building in 2016

A new year is like a blank sheet of paper. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start. For organizations, it’s the perfect time to reboot and modify strategies that are ineffective.

To stop undermining team building effectiveness in 2016, here are 6 things that organizations need to stop doing immediately.

  1. Splurging on the venue and catering and booking the most inexpensive facilitator you can find.
    This comes from putting the cart before the horse and doomed to result in sub-par results yet companies keep on doing it.
  2. Making a decision about which team building to offer before clearly pinpointing and articulating desired outcomes.
    To hit the mark, you must know what success looks like.
  3. Going for the “flavour of the month” before determining your needs. It relates to point number 2.“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”Alice in Wonderland
  1. Treating team building like an after-thought.You know this is what is taking place when you receive a call like this.“We have 2 hours left on our agenda. What can we do to squeeze in some team building?”At best you fit a recreational event into that time slot. Even if you go with a high powered computer-driven simulation, the debriefing will be short. An even better plan is to give participants some free time to relax or use part of this time for structured networking. The best plan is to make team building a priority and carve out enough time to do it properly.
  2. Shelving team building when times gets tough.When things are tough, it’s more important than ever to harness the collective wisdom of the team to generate solutions. Instead of scraping team building:
    • Offer it on-site.
    • Use an internal facilitator.
      Your training department is filled with them.
    • Be laser beam focused on generating solutions.
    • Incorporate team building exercises into meetings.
    • Select a destination where your dollar will stretch further. (Canada is a good bet right now.)
  3. Substituting recreational activities for real team building.
    This blog has covered this pitfall so often that I am even starting to bore myself. I won’t re-hash this point but if you missed earlier blog posts on the subject check out:

Photo Credit: Emilie Ogez (Flickr)

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One thought on “6 Ways to Stop Undermining Team Building in 2016

  1. Götz says:

    Thank you for those valuable tips here. Undermining a great idea is very common in this field. I am doing team building locally in Germany, and in my experience there are many misunderstandings what teambuilding should be alike. That applies to the company managers and likewise to the employers. In result a huge number of people have a really bad opinion about teambuilding activities as researches prove.

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