Team Building Trends for 2016

Breaking:  10 Team Building Trends for 2017 are now live.



Since we are just a few weeks into 2016, executives around the world are in the process of fine-tuning their 2016 corporate strategy. It’s an ideal time to re-visit your approach to team building.

Here are 6 team building trends for 2016 and some additional reading with tips for implementing them. Unfortunately, all of the trends aren’t positive.

  1. A disturbing trend is the number of organizations that continue to replace real team building with corporate play days.The activities that are being passed off as team building are becoming more and more flakey and frivolous.While it’s important for teams to celebrate, businesses are not recreation centres or country clubs. Definitely, fun can be an important ingredient for effective team building but remember, recreation by itself is never a substitute for real team building.
  1. Currency fluctuations mean that executives in some destinations, like Canada and parts of Europe, will opt to offer team building and executive retreats at home.By contrast, U.S. companies will find that their dollars go further if they take their teams north and south of the border.
  1. Technology is making new strategies for engaging participants possible.Whether it is Go-Pro, GPS devices, drones, 3D Projection Mapping, augmented reality, or virtual reality, the sporting and events industries are incorporating technology. Look for organizations to incorporate technology into team building simulations.Remember the debriefing and applications to business are the most important elements for effective corporate team building.
  1. Team Building is incorporating more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.Companies are more and more recognizing the importance of giving back to the community at home and abroad.
  1. Fresh approaches will cater to the needs of Millenials (and, soon, Generation Z).It’s time to nix team building programmes that involve hours of sitting in a meeting room. Think sound bites of 15 minutes followed by an exercise or team activity. Replace long lectures, opt for interactive programmes that incorporate technology, outdoor challenges, reality TV inspired projects or business simulations (like Visexecutaries inspired by The Apprentice), and dance and music energizers.Understanding generational dynamics does not mean making assumptions about participants. It opens up a broader range of possibilities to make team building more engaging.Never make assumptions based on demographics. Instead, profile participants to find out what strategies and approaches are likely to hit the mark. Crowdsource content to ensure that it is relevant.Another Implication: If you put your management development initiatives for high potential employees on hold, it’s time to bring them back.
  1. Many companies are continuing to put team building initiatives on hold.This is a serious misstep as, in challenging times, it’s important to pull the team together to generate ground-breaking solutions.

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What team building trends, negative or positive, are you seeing for 2016?

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