Wilderness Survival Team Building in Canada


After a very mild Canadian winter, indications are that spring will be early. Yesterday was the annual “spring ahead” to Daylight Savings Time and the official start of spring is next week. Corporate groups can look forward to 3 seasons to enjoy facilitated team building that incorporates outdoor team challenges in picturesque wilderness of lakeside settings.

With the low loonie (Canadian $), U.S. companies will find that their budgets stretch further in Canada. For Canadian companies that find foreign retreats out of reach this year, wilderness survival is an upbeat approach that will keep team members engaged and energized.

The start of 2016 has seen stock market and currency fluctuations and a shifting political landscape in many parts of the world. Against this backdrop, it’s important for executives to be strategic and map out a clear course for the rest of the year. With the release of Q1 results, spring is an ideal time for a “team tune-up”. Team tune-ups at the very beginning of Q4 are also highly effective in the final push to hit targets.

Wilderness Survival, a powerful business simulation, is a perfect metaphor for a team charting its course in an uncertain economic and political climate. Wilderness survival themed cases and facilitated exercises draw important parallels to the very real challenges that organizations face.


To keep their energy high, participants bond through firestarter, outdoor cooking, GPS, and orienteering challenges. Depending on the venue selected, equestrian challenges, trail rides on horseback, and canoeing are even possible.


Team building does not have to be competitive. Instead of breaking groups into teams, the whole group can work together and complete a philanthropic project in keeping with a wilderness theme.

It is important to remember that fun and games are never a substitute for real team building.Wilderness Survival Team Building does not have to be competitive. Instead of breaking groups up into teams, a collaborative approach can involve an entire group working together in a philanthropic effort like fundraisers, food and clothing drives, planting community vegetable and fruit gardens in remote low-income communities, and beautification projects at youth camps in wilderness settings, or remote communities. The possibilities are endless.

After a full debriefing, team members walk away with a shared set of tools and strategies that they can use on an on-going basis to boost team performance.

On the last evening, the teams can be re-configured for a cooking challenge. The next day, the re-configured teams will grapple with real business issues and generate solutions using the tools they have picked up through the simulation. The group will leave the retreat ready to implement a follow-up plan to “stay the course”. Follow-up sessions can be conducted internally with the tools provided or by an expert team building facilitator.

Depending on their budget, corporate groups can have their wilderness survival retreats at luxury wilderness retreats, lakeside resorts or campsites near Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal. (Campsites sell out quickly so book early.) U.S. Companies will realize significant savings due to the low loonie. 2016 is the perfect time to head north to Canada.

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Spring into Fall Promotion for U.S. Companies: You’ll save 20% and seize the opportunity to take advantage of the low Canadian $ by booking and paying for your fall team building retreat in full by the last day of spring. Maximum Group Size: 30

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