About Our Blog

Team Building for Bottom Line Results

Executive Oasis International, a Toronto-based management consulting helps rapidly changing organizations thrive even in the midst of turbulence. We design and facilitate meetings, executive retreats, and team building  to improve team cohesiveness and boost organizational performance.

Executive Oasis International launched its blogs on July 24, 2008. On our 7th anniversary, We’re pleased to bring you a bold new look with new features and content.

This team building blog advocates a return to a bottom line and business-oriented approach to team building. Why? The team building industry has been “dumbed down” by providers of recreational activities who have been passing off entertainment and activities that are strictly “fun and games” as team building. Our clients deserve better.

While we will occasionally discuss corporate events that can be used to reward your team, our primary focus is to zero in on strategies that your organizations can use to:

  • shape a vibrant corporate culture
  •  improve team cohesion
  • break down silos
  • improve cross-functional teamwork
  •  boost the business impact of team building your team building initiatives

annelinkedinIn each and every post,  Anne Thornley-Brown, our founder and President, will share tips, ideas and insights to ensure that your team building initiatives are effective, engaging, and yes, fun.

She’ll regularly information about  the team building programmes offered by Executive Oasis International all over the world and lessons learned  that will be of value to your team.


Once you have sampled our innovative team building approaches through this blog, we hope that you will keep Executive Oasis International in mind the next time your company requires team building, an executive retreat or on-site consulting to boost the effectiveness of your teams.

Our clients have included Holt Renfrew, Novo Nordisk Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Scalar Decisions, Bell Mobility, Mars Canada, OCBC Bank (Malaysia), Baxter (Dubai), McKinssey (Dubai), Blue Nile Dairy (Sudan), Rogers Communications (Fido), Batelco (Bahrain), Ericsson AB (Saudi Arabia), Sidra Capital (Saudi Arabia), and GlaxoSmithKline GSK (Saudi Arabia), and Bidvest (South Africa).

Yes, our team building retreats and sessions are upbeat and interactive but we deliver much more value than just a “fun in the sun” during a corporate play day. We deliver powerful simulations that draw parallels between the dynamics of your team and the realities of doing business in a turbulent economy.