Team Building Budgets: The Perils of Being Pound Foolish

Team Building  & Corporate Event Budgets: The Perils of Being Penny Wise and Pound Foolish Unfortunately, we're hearing it again. The "R" word is being used in news stories for Canada as well as some countries in Europe and Latin America.Canada, where I am based, is facing the double whammy of an erosion in its … Continue reading Team Building Budgets: The Perils of Being Pound Foolish

Europe: Team Building All Around the Eurozone

This year, I decided to devote some quality time to discovering what Europe has to offer for team building and corporate events. When I met with exhibitors at IMEX Frankfurt 2012 and M&I Forums America in Palm Beach, I was blown away by what I discovered. Since there are direct flights to major European capitals from North America, the Middle East and Asia, these experiences are accessible. Here is a small sample of what's available for corporate teams in Europe including the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

Team Building in Japan

From traditional to modern, Japan offers: - a wide variety of possibilities for team building themes - many options for recreational activities and excursions to flesh out your theme - the facilities to pull off a team building retreat, business meeting or conference flawlessly Throughout the year, there's an opportunity to incorporate some really interesting Japanese cultural experiences into your retreat. To help your company "stay ahead of the curve", field trips and factory tours to uncover ultra-modern new technology can also be built into your agenda. You can also have an opportunity to round out your agenda with keynote speakers and panels can focusing Japanese business practices, Kaizen, TQM, or Six Sigma.

Team Building and Corporate Culture: Hell’s Kitchen vs Ace of Cakes

Believe it or not, Ace of Cakes and Hell's Kitchen have a lot in common. Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Jeffrey "Duff" Goldman are both entrepreneurs with a their work and a clear vision of the kind of environment they want to create. They both have a passion for excellence and place an emphasis on creativity and innovation. The corporate cultures they create are very different and there are important lessons to be learned by any executive seeking to foster a vibrant team based culture.