Team Building Trends for 2016

Since we are just a couple of weeks into 2016, executives around the world are in the process of fine-tuning their 2016 corporate strategy. It's n ideal time to re-visit your approach to team building. Here are 6 team building trends for 2016 and some additional reading to learn more about them. Unfortunately, all of the trends aren't positive.

Recreational Trivia vs. Facilitated Trivia Team Building – Is There a Difference?

There are so many different dynamics when it comes to teams; in order to truly identify and address your company’s unique challenges and team building goals, it will take a professional with the experience and expertise to provide ongoing counsel on every aspect of the initiative – development, execution and follow-up. if a company has specific team challenges, customizing appropriate and trivia questions, ensuring that the entire group is broken down into teams which are in line with those goals, and facilitating any team building elements are imorptant through the course of a high-energy trivia contest.