Outdoor Team Building

A number of team building consultants are now delivering "real" team building that integrates facilitated business exercises with outdoor team challenges. An essential component of outdoor team building is the facilitated debriefing that helps teams glean lessons related to business and team effectiveness from both the outdoor and indoor components.

Team Building: Reality (TV) Hits

Team Building:  When Reality (TV) Hits Reality TV. Almost everyone denies watching it but the networks don't keep airing programmes season after season that aren't making money. If you've ever thought it might be fun to be a contestant on Survivor, Amazing Race. Top Chef, or one of the myriad of reality TV cooking shows, … Continue reading Team Building: Reality (TV) Hits

Team Building in Dubai

Recently, there have been a number of articles in Middle Eastern publications highlighting the importance of team building for companies in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. Facilitated team building can make a significant contribution to corporate performance. Team building is relatively new in GCC countries. This is the perfect opportunity to emulate best practices and learn from the mistakes of companies in other countries.

Team Building in Japan

From traditional to modern, Japan offers: - a wide variety of possibilities for team building themes - many options for recreational activities and excursions to flesh out your theme - the facilities to pull off a team building retreat, business meeting or conference flawlessly Throughout the year, there's an opportunity to incorporate some really interesting Japanese cultural experiences into your retreat. To help your company "stay ahead of the curve", field trips and factory tours to uncover ultra-modern new technology can also be built into your agenda. You can also have an opportunity to round out your agenda with keynote speakers and panels can focusing Japanese business practices, Kaizen, TQM, or Six Sigma.