6 Ways to Stop Undermining Team Building in 2016

A new year is like a blank sheet of paper. It's an opportunity for a fresh start. For organizations, it's the perfect time to reboot and modify strategies that are ineffective. To stop undermining team building effectiveness in 2016, here are 6 things that organizations need to stop doing immediately.

Instant Team Building: What’s up with the 30 Minute Debriefs?

It's happened before and it seems to be happening with increasing frequency. It's the focus on instant results. "Hurry sickness" is a disease that is now plaguing corporations all over the globe. It is not surprising that this has been showing up in team building sessions in North America for well over a decade and it's not getting any better. It's spreading. Companies are pushing and burning out employees and expecting them to produce results in ridiculously short timeframes. When team members try to set realistic boundaries, they are branded "inflexible". As a result, companies are losing some of their best people and experiencing alarming short-term disability costs due to the number of people on stress leave. It is not surprising that this is showing up in the approach to team building. Why spend a fortune on team building and allocate a timeframe in which it is virtually impossible to achieve results? Why pay top dollar for an expert team building consultant, fly them half way across the world and ignore their advice? I hope that every CEO reading this who expects "instant results" from their people will seriously re-think their orientation.

Team Building: Cutting it Short – What’s up with That?

With increasing frequency, there is pressure to cut team building short on the last day. Suddenly there is pressure to wrap things up shortly, end the session early to let people go back to the resort early or have more free time for shopping. Cutting short the debiefing will guarantee that the analytical learners never have an opportunity to tie up loose ends. I have some ideas about why this is taking place but I want to hear from blog visitors first. Any comments that would shed light on some of these dynamics and propose solutions would be great.