Companies Still Substituting Extreme Activities for Real Team Building

I was sure that, in the aftermath of the economic downturn and the "AIG Effect", we could finally say good riddance to companies using extreme activities as a substitute for real team building. Based on recent CNN report, this is not the case. I hope that some executives will come by and share their perspective.

Team Building: Do you See the Difference?

Years ago, one of the top American bleach manufacturers had an interesting TV commercial featuring identical twins dressed in matching outfits. An announcer asked: "Do you see a difference?" The only difference was that each twin had used a different bleach. The announcer's question reminds me of some of the confusion in the team building industry.

Tropical Team Building – Even if it’s Snowing Outside

If you want to create a team building session with a tropical theme, you can always plaster the room with travel posters, scatter beach balls around the room, play reggae and calypso music, serve drinks with umbrellas, and project images from a DVD. Somehow, this doesn't come close enough to the real thing for some participants. At one time, to give your team a tropical experience, you had to fly them to the Caribbean or Hawaii. Now, with the magic of technology, there are a number of places where you can create summer all year round.