Corporate Culture – What is it and how do you “read” it?

Corporate culture is a collection of the values and the myriad written and unwritten rules, expected behaviour and norms that govern interaction and decision making within an organization". Think of it as the dos and don'ts that determine what behaviour gets rewarded and what gets punished in an organization. Corporate culture is powerful. Savvy executives know how to shape and harness it to ensure that it is a constructive force that facilitates the achievement of corporate goals. One thing is certain, if senior management does not take steps to shape corporate culture, it will deteriorate.

Team Building and Corporate Culture: Hell’s Kitchen vs Ace of Cakes

Believe it or not, Ace of Cakes and Hell's Kitchen have a lot in common. Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Jeffrey "Duff" Goldman are both entrepreneurs with a their work and a clear vision of the kind of environment they want to create. They both have a passion for excellence and place an emphasis on creativity and innovation. The corporate cultures they create are very different and there are important lessons to be learned by any executive seeking to foster a vibrant team based culture.