Luxury Desert Team Building in Dubai

Whether you're looking for a fresh experience to help your team generate breakthrough solutions or you just want to reward your team, look no further than a luxury desert team building retreat in Dubai. Stay at a luxury Bedouin camp, enjoy 5 star cuisine, gp sandboarding, have fun with dune buggies, and enjoy an outdoor cooking challenge. I just got back from Dubai and I captured some of these experiences in photos and videos. Enjoy!

Team Building in Dubai

Recently, there have been a number of articles in Middle Eastern publications highlighting the importance of team building for companies in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. Facilitated team building can make a significant contribution to corporate performance. Team building is relatively new in GCC countries. This is the perfect opportunity to emulate best practices and learn from the mistakes of companies in other countries.

Tropical Team Building – Even if it’s Snowing Outside

If you want to create a team building session with a tropical theme, you can always plaster the room with travel posters, scatter beach balls around the room, play reggae and calypso music, serve drinks with umbrellas, and project images from a DVD. Somehow, this doesn't come close enough to the real thing for some participants. At one time, to give your team a tropical experience, you had to fly them to the Caribbean or Hawaii. Now, with the magic of technology, there are a number of places where you can create summer all year round.