Team Building: 12 Ways Executives Miss the Mark

Team building is one of the most powerful vehicles available to executives. It's an opportunity to break down silos, improve cross-functional teamwork, and brainstorm to generate solutions for business challenges. Unfortunately, this opportunity is often missed and many companies fail to get full benefit from team building. It's important to think of team building in terms of R.O.I. instead of viewing it as an "activity" divorced for organizational goals and objectives.

Is Decision-Making a Dying Senior Leadership Competency?

Is decision-making a dying art and a disappearing leadership competency? I believe that it is. It shows up in many ways. Scenario: A Canadian company sends out a bid for a major equipment acquisition. The process drags on for months. Eventually, they decide to stick with what they have.

  • Why do companies seem to have so much difficulty making decisions these days?
  • Why do some CEOs put their teams and suppliers through weeks of work that is then scrapped?
  • Is decision-making a dying leadership competency? Is so why and what can be done about it?
  • What is behind some of the poor judgement that is showing up in executive suites?
Perspectives from CEOs, suppliers and consultants would be greatly appreciated.