Team Building Budgets: 13 Keys to Locking in Savings

Many companies have opted to shelve team building or use recreational activities as a substitute for team building. This is unfortunate and short-sighted as, when times get challenging, companies can make major breakthroughs by harnessing the creative genius of their teams. Instead of shelving team building here are 13 keys to locking in savings. This will make it possible to reap the benefits of team building at a fraction of the cost.

Team Building: 8 Initiatives for Executives to Boost Bottom Line Results

Executives who perceive team building as a cost-centre are missing the mark. When team building is perceived as a "nice to do" discretionary item on the income statement it can be challenging to discern the difference between team building and team activities that are strictly recreational. With the right approach, not only can team building pay for itself. The tools, strategies, and programmes designed through team building can generate measurable bottom line results.

Team Building is not a Meeting Plus a Social Event

I've been noticing a trend for some time that is becoming so common that it will soon be the order of the day. All too often the meeting + social activity scenario is yet another example of the trends towards substituting recreational activities for real team building. It's yet another sign that executives are missing the mark for team building.

What Does ‘Real’ Team Building Look Like?

Some organizations are forgetting that businesses exist to generate profit. Their primary mission is not to provide social activities for employees. It's a trap into which many organizations fall. When the good times roll, there is a heavy emphasis on corporate play days that are justified in the name of "team building". This is followed by massive cuts in team building budgets whenever the economy dips. Much as this might upset those who peddle paintball and other recreational activities, recreation is not team building. Marketing recreation as team building is just as misleading as marketing icing and as cake or gravy as meat. So if recreation by itself is not team building, what does real team building look like? Here is some food for thought.