Team Building in Japan

From traditional to modern, Japan offers: - a wide variety of possibilities for team building themes - many options for recreational activities and excursions to flesh out your theme - the facilities to pull off a team building retreat, business meeting or conference flawlessly Throughout the year, there's an opportunity to incorporate some really interesting Japanese cultural experiences into your retreat. To help your company "stay ahead of the curve", field trips and factory tours to uncover ultra-modern new technology can also be built into your agenda. You can also have an opportunity to round out your agenda with keynote speakers and panels can focusing Japanese business practices, Kaizen, TQM, or Six Sigma.

Tropical Team Building – Even if it’s Snowing Outside

If you want to create a team building session with a tropical theme, you can always plaster the room with travel posters, scatter beach balls around the room, play reggae and calypso music, serve drinks with umbrellas, and project images from a DVD. Somehow, this doesn't come close enough to the real thing for some participants. At one time, to give your team a tropical experience, you had to fly them to the Caribbean or Hawaii. Now, with the magic of technology, there are a number of places where you can create summer all year round.

Winter Team Building

With companies looking for cost effective approaches to provide facilitated business team building, team building with a winter theme is an approach worth exploring. The beauty of this approach is that one can scale it up or down depending on budget. With modern technology, it's now possible at unexpected places around the world including Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, & Florida. V7Y9WWJRKY7C