Outdoor Team Building

A number of team building consultants are now delivering "real" team building that integrates facilitated business exercises with outdoor team challenges. An essential component of outdoor team building is the facilitated debriefing that helps teams glean lessons related to business and team effectiveness from both the outdoor and indoor components.

Luxury Desert Team Building in Dubai

Whether you're looking for a fresh experience to help your team generate breakthrough solutions or you just want to reward your team, look no further than a luxury desert team building retreat in Dubai. Stay at a luxury Bedouin camp, enjoy 5 star cuisine, gp sandboarding, have fun with dune buggies, and enjoy an outdoor cooking challenge. I just got back from Dubai and I captured some of these experiences in photos and videos. Enjoy!

Winter Team Building

With companies looking for cost effective approaches to provide facilitated business team building, team building with a winter theme is an approach worth exploring. The beauty of this approach is that one can scale it up or down depending on budget. With modern technology, it's now possible at unexpected places around the world including Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, & Florida. V7Y9WWJRKY7C