Corporate Events: Learning from Team Building and Epic Event Failures

The recent "fail" at one of Tony Robbins' events in which 21 people suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns during firewalking is an important reminder. It doesn't happen often but, if your company organizes team building retreats of corporate events for long enough, sooner or later, you may encounter an embarrassing moment or an event failure of epic proportions.... when something goes horribly and visibly wrong. Fortunately, most failures don't involve permanent damage - just bruised egos. No team building session or corporate event is immune from being derailed by unforeseen circumstances. In fact, there can be setbacks during all types of events ranging from conferences and business meetings to weddings and galas. The key is to be prepared and react appropriately if something goes wrong.

Instant Team Building: What’s up with the 30 Minute Debriefs?

It's happened before and it seems to be happening with increasing frequency. It's the focus on instant results. "Hurry sickness" is a disease that is now plaguing corporations all over the globe. It is not surprising that this has been showing up in team building sessions in North America for well over a decade and it's not getting any better. It's spreading. Companies are pushing and burning out employees and expecting them to produce results in ridiculously short timeframes. When team members try to set realistic boundaries, they are branded "inflexible". As a result, companies are losing some of their best people and experiencing alarming short-term disability costs due to the number of people on stress leave. It is not surprising that this is showing up in the approach to team building. Why spend a fortune on team building and allocate a timeframe in which it is virtually impossible to achieve results? Why pay top dollar for an expert team building consultant, fly them half way across the world and ignore their advice? I hope that every CEO reading this who expects "instant results" from their people will seriously re-think their orientation.

1-Day Team Building Pitfalls

Is it possible to deliver effective team building in one day? The short answer to that question is no. It is impossible to deliver a fully fleshed out team building simulation with all of the ingredients required for a fully effective team building initiative. Something has to give. What steps can be taken to deliver effective team building despite shorter and shorter lead times for planning and increasingly condensed timeframes for delivery? Here are few ideas.