Even More Really Stupid Ideas for Team Building

It's been over a year since we looked at stupid team building. I saw a tweet that inspired me to write this. I don't know how any company can cost justify spending money on this. I immediately realized that this activity should definitely be added to my stupid team building list. Come see what it is. So I started brainstorming to come up with even more really stupid ideas for team building. Come check out what I came up with.

The Height of Stupidity in Team Building

Adrenaline junkies in some executive suites combined with an "anything a group does together is team building" mentality is leading to some dangerous pseudo team building practices. Come check out the videos and see what some companies are doing in the name of team building. What will it take for common sense to prevail and companies return to a bottom line oriented team building?

A Modest Proposal to Shrink Team Building Budgets

.....with apologies to Jonathan Swift. The recent release of Pac Man on Google fired off a lot of brainwaves. With some of the trends we've seen in recent years, don't be surprised if some companies use the free flash version of Pac Man to reduce their "team building" budget to 0. Now there's a cost saving measure. Read the rest of this blog entry for more tongue in cheek approaches to shrinking "team building" budgets.