Luxury Desert Team Building in Dubai

Whether you're looking for a fresh experience to help your team generate breakthrough solutions or you just want to reward your team, look no further than a luxury desert team building retreat in Dubai. Stay at a luxury Bedouin camp, enjoy 5 star cuisine, gp sandboarding, have fun with dune buggies, and enjoy an outdoor cooking challenge. I just got back from Dubai and I captured some of these experiences in photos and videos. Enjoy!

Team Building – Simple vs Complex Models

Is there is danger in the use of simple team building tools and models? There is definitely a risk in selecting the simple rather than the complex. Some individuals dismiss simplicity as fluff and perceive it as an indicator of a lack of depth and bench strength on the part of a consultant. This can undermine credibility if a new client is left asking "Is that all there is?". While I agree that there is a place for complex models, they are often used inappropriately. Here is what I mean. If teams and organizations are avoiding the discipline of rigourous analysis and opting for obvious solutions that fail to create breakthroughs, it is time to go deeper. By contrast, in the midst of turbulence, it's important to simplify rather than complicate an intricate or emotionally charged situation. It's time to apply the brakes, slow things down and give team members a chance to develop a clearer picture of the dynamics at play. Why complicate a situation that is already too complicated to the point of creating tension and friction?

1-Day Team Building Pitfalls

Is it possible to deliver effective team building in one day? The short answer to that question is no. It is impossible to deliver a fully fleshed out team building simulation with all of the ingredients required for a fully effective team building initiative. Something has to give. What steps can be taken to deliver effective team building despite shorter and shorter lead times for planning and increasingly condensed timeframes for delivery? Here are few ideas.

Team Building in Japan

From traditional to modern, Japan offers: - a wide variety of possibilities for team building themes - many options for recreational activities and excursions to flesh out your theme - the facilities to pull off a team building retreat, business meeting or conference flawlessly Throughout the year, there's an opportunity to incorporate some really interesting Japanese cultural experiences into your retreat. To help your company "stay ahead of the curve", field trips and factory tours to uncover ultra-modern new technology can also be built into your agenda. You can also have an opportunity to round out your agenda with keynote speakers and panels can focusing Japanese business practices, Kaizen, TQM, or Six Sigma.