Team Building: Tailoring Business Simulations

Team building that isn't customized for your business is likely to end up being just another entertaining corporate event. There is a place for corporate events but social activities are never a replacement for reall team building. Companies can improve the impact of team building with relevant, customized projects.

Team Building: Reality (TV) Hits

Team Building:  When Reality (TV) Hits Reality TV. Almost everyone denies watching it but the networks don't keep airing programmes season after season that aren't making money. If you've ever thought it might be fun to be a contestant on Survivor, Amazing Race. Top Chef, or one of the myriad of reality TV cooking shows, … Continue reading Team Building: Reality (TV) Hits

Luxury Desert Team Building in Dubai

Whether you're looking for a fresh experience to help your team generate breakthrough solutions or you just want to reward your team, look no further than a luxury desert team building retreat in Dubai. Stay at a luxury Bedouin camp, enjoy 5 star cuisine, gp sandboarding, have fun with dune buggies, and enjoy an outdoor cooking challenge. I just got back from Dubai and I captured some of these experiences in photos and videos. Enjoy!