Corporate Event Planning: Cool Places to Beat the Heat

With a little bit of imagination and the right technology, places where temperatures soar throughout the year are designing new approaches to keeping residents and visitors cool. Here are some unexpected cool places where you can beat the heat all year long including Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and Florida.

A Modest Proposal to Shrink Team Building Budgets

.....with apologies to Jonathan Swift. The recent release of Pac Man on Google fired off a lot of brainwaves. With some of the trends we've seen in recent years, don't be surprised if some companies use the free flash version of Pac Man to reduce their "team building" budget to 0. Now there's a cost saving measure. Read the rest of this blog entry for more tongue in cheek approaches to shrinking "team building" budgets.

Team Building Tips: Set a Realistic Budget (Part 2)

Team Building Tips: Set a Realistic Budget (Part 2) 5. Make sure that you HAVE a budget and that you set a budget that's realistic. We have already discussed realistic budgets for team building. What if you just want your team to let off steam and get out of the office for a few hours? … Continue reading Team Building Tips: Set a Realistic Budget (Part 2)