Advanced Team Building Challenges: Setting Boundaries for Bullies and Other Tyrants

There is a perception that teams and team building initiatives should always be harmonious and conflict-free. Unfortunately, too much agreement can derail teams and actually be a destructive force in team effectiveness. There are some team members and team leaders who will push the envelope and take advantage of an environment where they know they are not going to be called out for their pushy and aggressive behaviour.

10 Team Building Trends for 2017

Based on our experiences over the past year and what other team building consultants have shared with us when we recently did some benchmarking, here are our predictions for 2017. Just like last year, some of the emerging team building trends aren't positive or beneficial. Many companies still don't get it and continue to invest in activities and practices that have little or no impact on the bottom line.

Team Building: What’s up with the 2 Hour Team Building?

It's no secret. The time companies allocate for team building has been shrinking. My company's approach has been to deliver value and caution readers and prospective clients about the pitfalls of short team building. Yet, the timeframes are getting shorter and shorter. Lately, the most frequent requests have been for 2-hour team building. Even when … Continue reading Team Building: What’s up with the 2 Hour Team Building?