Wilderness Survival Team Building in Canada

Wilderness Survival, a powerful business simulation, is a perfect metaphor for a team charting its course in an uncertain economic and political climate. With the low loonie (Canadian $), U.S. companies will find that their budgets for executive retreats and team building stretch further in Canada.

10 Team Building Trends for 2013

As companies formulate their plans for 2013, the good news is that team building is re-appearing on the corporate agenda. (In some cases, team building initiatives were placed in a holding pattern after the Wall Street meltdown in September, 2008.) What lies ahead? Savvy CEOs are waking up to the fact that team building can be a powerful arrow in their quiver as they attempt to hit key corporate targets and corporate objectives. This blog entry highlights key trends that are boosting the bottom line impact of team building. Unfortunately, not all team building trends have been positive. Companies also need to take immediate steps to reverse a number of trends that have undermined the effectiveness of team building.

Cross-Functional Team Building: Breaking Down Silos

As organizations grow, it can be challenging to maintain the culture of innovation that fueled their success in the first palce. Teamwork is essential for fostering innovation. It's like growing a garden, every time. You have to pull out the weeds that can stifle growth and out-of-the box thinking. It's not a quick fix. Every now and then, we receive requests from prospective clients to put on a 2 hour or half day team building session aimed at breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional teamwork. I always tell companies the same thing. "It can't be done. While some team building consultants will be glad to take your money and run, our clients deserve better. A half day simulation can barely scratch the surface and kick off a process but it can't resolve deep seated issues or conflicts." A breakdown in cross-functional teamwork does not happen over night. Breaking down silos and busting bottlenecks will take time and patience but the results will be worth it.