Team Building: 12 Benefits of Booking Next Year’s Team Building Today


12 Benefits of Booking Next Year’s Executive Retreats & Team Building Today

With the year, drawing to a close, companies are measuring results and formulating plans for next year.

There are only a few weeks left in the year and there are many benefits of booking next year’s team building and executive retreats today.

  1. Team building can help win support for next year’s key corporate initiatives.
  2. Offer team building early to give your team the opportunity to apply new strategies and tools to have full impact results throughout the year.
    The sooner you invest in your team, the sooner you’ll see results.
  3. Get extra time devoted to planning without spending more money.
    Team building consultants can devote a lot of quality time to planning your team building retreat or business simulation during the quiet weeks before Christmas and in early January.
  4. Executives can block out dates early to ensure availability before calendars get full.
  5. Executives can devote more quality attention to team building and provide input during these slower weeks of the year than during catch up time after the holidays.
  6. You’ll ensure smooth logistics avoid the pressure of scrambling to plan team building in a short timeframe.
  7. Use what’s left in this year’s budget to enrich next year’s team building.
  8. Stretch your budget. Many hotels and event venues in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Dubai, and Oman are having end of year specials and giving special perks. There are also early bird specials for off-season (e.g. May – October in the Caribbean.) These will disappear in the New Year.
    Don’t lock in your dates until you have information about these specials.
  9. Save on Facilitation FeesConsultants and facilitators often adjust their rates for the new year. Book now and you’ll lock in this year’s rates.
  10. Save on airfare if you don’t leave your plans to the last minute.
  11. Venues for some programmes sell out early so you’ll avoid disappointment.
    If your team has their heart set on a cooking event, dog sledding or a desert safari as part of their team building retreat, it is important to act now.
  12. You have a better chance of getting your preferred dates, hotels and event venues.

Many teams have worked extremely hard without much support to generate results since the 2008 meltdown. It’s time to invest in your team and build experiences that express your appreciation into your retreat.

So, do it now!

Team Building Ideas for 2018

My company, Executive Oasis International has a range of facilitated team building retreats and business simulations.

Team Building to Support Marketing Initiatives

  • Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape (Global)
    Planning real marketing initiatives like pop-up events, guerilla marketing events, and flash sales will generate revenue and improve your team’s marketing agility and project management skills.
  • Viral Video DIY (Toronto)
    Design, create, crew, and shoot a viral video to hone your team’s ability to produce results within a tight timeframe while reaping benefits for your business.

Team Building Directly Related to Your Business

Team Building to Uncover Hidden Business Opportunities

  • The Quest for Black Gold (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)
    During this powerful simulation, teams use GPS units to discover an oil rig and oil field in the desert. The first team to pump oil wins. The experience is debriefed to uncover business related lessons.

Team Building to Improve Cross-Functional Teamwork

We would be pleased to customize one of our team building simulations for your team or custom design something special to meet your objectives.

Now that you have sampled our innovative team building approaches through this blog, we hope that you will keep Executive Oasis International in mind the next time your company requires team building, an executive retreat or on-site consulting to boost the effectiveness of your teams.

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5 thoughts on “Team Building: 12 Benefits of Booking Next Year’s Team Building Today

  1. Vanessa Mumford says:

    Great points noted! 🙂 I also believe that it is important to have an early schedule as this can make you at ease that you already have the venue and, you can now prepare for the set-up and arrangement of your activity.

  2. Pingback: Simon Minitzer
  3. Vanessa Mumford says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It is always good to have reservations or booking at the earliest time possible. This will make you have a lot of choices with regards to dates and accomodation. And scheduling is very important.

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